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Klaus and Jenevieve - California Search and Rescue & El Dorado Search and Rescue

Klaus and Jenevieve - California Search and Rescue & El Dorado Search and Rescue

January 28, 2019

We want to introduce everyone to Klaus and Jenevieve.......

Klaus, a German Shepard, is currently being trained for: avalanche search & rescue, human remains detection, and wilderness area search & rescue. He does this for the California Rescue Dog Association and El Dorado Search and Rescue. He loves searching, tugging, chasing his feline siblings, and launching his 100 pound body on to his mother every morning in order to wake her. His favorite toys are balls, tugs, and empty milk jugs. His favorite treats are anything his mom is eating and bacon. Klaus uses our “Ultimate Tug Toy” to strengthen his tugging ability so that he can better pull people out of precarious situations, “It is his all-time favorite toy! Thank you for developing the product!”-Jenevieve. His breeder's name is Kathi Glenwinkle from Sacramento with Watchtower's GSD. His sire's name is Jett von Weingarten (certified CARDA search and rescue dog and champion obedience dog) and his dam's name is Daisy Dhillon (AKA Stryker) (champion sports protection dog).

Jenevieve, is a wilderness medicine and research physician in South Lake Tahoe. She has been a part of El Dorado’s Search and Rescue Team since mid-2017 and has been training Klaus since she got him as a puppy in August 2017. Jenevieve's wilderness passions include: SAR, paddle boarding, diving, snow sports, disaster and humanitarian relief, outdoor education, canoeing/kayaking, and hiking with Klaus. Yes, Klaus rides paddleboards as well (great for core strength and for cadaver training in the water).

From everyone here at Jersey Dog Co, we want to extend our thank you to these two for all that they do.