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HI I'm Petunia!

I'm a proud English Labrador. I was going to be a mommy at my breeder's home, but when they found out my elbows were not perfect, Erik and Cora adopted me. I love to travel with them in their Motor-home all over the country attending Jeep Shows and trail rides. I get to meet so many people, kids and dogs and love every minute of it. I love to run and play off leash, but when we are in crowds I prefer the stretchy, forgiving Jersey Co leach because when I get excited sometimes I pull. People ask if I'm a puppy because I'm very petite but have big paws. At 2.5 years old I'm a forever puppy that will melt your heart and give you kisses.



Hello Everyone! 

My name is Fergus and I am a Canine Companions for Independence puppy in training! Over the next 18 months, I will be with my human (puppy raiser) and she will teach me over 30 different commands and socialize me to many sights and sounds. After I’m done with my puppy raiser, I will return to Canine Companions for Independence where professional trainers will teach me important things like how to open doors, pick up items off the floor, and many other great things. I love practicing my commands, playing with Jersey Dog Co.’s “The Perfect Tug Toy”, and snuggling with my favorite humans!


Kody the Huskey

My name is Kody and I am 14 months old! I am a copper/white Siberian Husky, and my dad rescued me from a husky sanctuary from Florida. Now that I’m on the east coast I enjoy whenever it snows, and I love the cold weather. I enjoy going on hikes with my human, and I love to cuddle! I also enjoy learning new tricks with my human and playing with all my toys. I am super friendly and I want to meet everyone; dog and human alike!



Klaus is currently training for wilderness area search, human remains detection, and avalanche rescue. He belongs to the California Rescue Dog Association and El Dorado Search and Rescue Team. He loves searching, tugging, chasing his feline siblings, and launching his 100-pound body on to his mother every morning in order to wake her. His favorite toys are balls, tugs, and empty milk jugs. His favorite treats are anything his mom is eating and bacon.


Picking Tucker up from nearby Lancaster PA was one of the most exciting days of my life (besides the purchase of my 4Runner of course). He loves to get into anything he can and being a Husky he naturally wants to chew everything up and destroy things. His energetic nature also makes him a natural puller for any leash.  Jersey Dog Co. has managed to create products that even Tucker can't defeat and loves seeing what new things they come up with.  He is a proud Jersey Dog Co. pup!



My name is Dak!

People call me Dak Attack because I love to play and wrestle with my friends. I’m really tall for a black Labrador so other dogs find it unfair when I use my long arms to toss them around.
My parents say I have a bit of a food obsession because I love anything and everything! I guess you could say I’m not very picky!
My favorite things to do are play fetch, swim at the lake, and go on adventures with my owner Austin! I tend to misplace my ball around the house, so I like to have multiple toys to keep me busy throughout the day. I’m not much of a hunter but I love to chase birds! I also love to go on walks and play at the dog park, sponsor me and I’ll make sure to take lots of cute photos with your products!



Hey everyone! 
My name is Max I am a Black Lab German Shepard mix. I am very active and energetic so I always love getting new treats and toys to run around the house and yard with. My mom, dad, and big sister picked me up when I was only 2 months old. I have been with my big sister just about her whole life she is my best friend. She loves giving me her leftover food, treats, and her toys (but that doesn't make mom and dad very happy when I chew up her new toys). I also protect her and the family. I love taking pictures so I will be sure to send some cute photos of me and my jersey dog co.'s toys and products!


Tommy Torp

Hi! My name is Tommy. I am 7 years young and a dachshund, my parents adopted me when I was 6 from a rescue group in bucks county that specializes in dachshunds. I am a huge fan of toys and all things squeaky. Toys do not last long with me because I usually find the weak spot within minutes and destroy it. My parents love to spoil me and take me for long walks. I also really like to bark at everything.

Ranger & Ruby

Ranger  Ruby

Hey I'm Raul and I have a 6 year old boxer named Ruby and a 1 year old Chocolate lab named Ranger that is being trained as my sons therapy dog.  My 6 year old son has Autism and suffers from really bad anxiety when anything falls out of routine which is a daily occurrence.  Ranger is AKC certified and comes from national champion blood lines.  We hope that my sons anxiety will lower once Ranger transitions into his full therapy dog in the next year.  



Hi, my name is Roman. I am a 14-year-old Chihuahua. I was rescued by Momma when I was 4, from a really bad place, that was eventually shut down. I do not like to be left alone. I'm pretty vocal when I don’t get to curl up with my sissy, to go to bed. I may be the smallest of the kids, but I'm the most opinionated and don't like to share Momma very much. I love going for rides. Momma calls me her co-pilot.













What’s up! I’m Bull. I am about 11 years old. I am an American Bulldog & Boxer mix. At least that is what everyone says that I look like. I think I am a pretty handsome fella! All the ladies love me! They can’t resist me getting in their lap. They say I am this big boy, but I fit just perfectly in their lap. Dad found me on Craigslist. My previous owners didn’t have time and room for me. They did keep my sister though. I am OK with that though because Momma & Daddy spoil me. I am getting old. I don’t get around so well these days. I try to play with the puppies, but they can be kind of annoying. They take over my bed and jump all over me. I am not sure why they like licking my face so much. I guess no one can resist a face like mine.




Hey there! I’m Maximus, but you can call me Max. I am a 5-month-old American Bully. Momma & Daddy found me when I was 10 weeks old. I lived with another family for only 2 weeks. They were really good to me, even adopted a brother from my litter. Unfortunately, 2 playful boys were a little more than they could handle. Momma & Daddy found out, 2 weeks after they brought me home, that I was deaf. That did not make them love me any less. They bought me a vest that tells people that I am deaf, so they do not startle me when they come to pet me. I love the water, and definitely playing in the mud! I got to go to the beach, and couldn’t get enough of jumping around. Oh, and I love socializing. They take me to Jeep, FJ and Overland meet & greets. People just can’t get enough of me. My big brother, Bull, might be the ladies man, but I am the one everyone oogles over!



Hi! I’m Lily. I am 3 months old. I am not sure what I am, but my birth mom looked like a Weimaraner mix. I have her pretty eyes and soft fur. My Momma & Daddy found my birth mom at a local animal shelter. They said they fell in love with her smile, and just had to bring her home. Only, she was about to give birth to me and my 9 other siblings. She was just a puppy herself. They decided to foster her, help her deliver all of us and raise us until we were able to be adopted. Momma said when I was born, it was love at first sight. They loved me so much, they just had to bring me home permanently. I am a little sister now. I have 3 big brothers, who I love very much. I love playing with them, jumping on them, licking them and stealing their toys.